Horriffic Homework



No More Homework.  I believe that if I didn’t have any homework then I would be doing better too because then it gives me time to do my other assignments, and plus how much do we really learn from homework anyway. I would appreciate no homework and hope that what i say is thought about at least for a little.

Kids don’t do as well as they normally would if they had no homework. Having homework gives them one more thing to worry about while they are doing something else. Homework gets in the way of a lot of kids. It takes away school time when they need it. It also takes away their free time. Kids need free time to be a themselves.

Studies have shown that when kids that are pressured to get things done and they would rather be doing something else, are stressed more and are distracted more often in school. It has been proven that kids that don’t do there homework get better grades on class work. This can also decrease depression in children.

So I think that their should be no more homework. It is annoying, it takes up precious time, and gets in the way of other assignments. More people hate it than not so lets do something to help kids in school. I don’t care how much you dis agree with me but it has been proven to help.

For More information and reasons that there should be no homework visit http://www.spencerideas.org/2011/09/ten-reasons-to-get-rid-of-homework-and.html or http://www.schools.manatee.k12.fl.us/291rhb/rhbmain/no_homework.html.


Yesterday, in class we talked about limericks. They are a type of poem that doesn’t normally make sense. They have 5 lines, the first 2 lines have an end to the line that rhymes, the third and fourth have different rhyme ending, and the last line rhymes with the first and second lines. In other words at has a rhyme rhythm of (A,A,B,B,A)

Blog challenge week 4

Activity 9: What could you, your class, your school, your town do to help with the climate change problem for more than the one hour on Saturday 28 March 2015?

I think that we could re post over and over and convince other people to turn of all electricity. If we can get everyone in the world to do it than it would be amazing.

February Choice Board

February Choice Board

Week One Assignment:

Find five examples of a comma used in a series in your book and record it using quotation marks. Include the page and paragraph number.  Example: “I put on my hat, my gloves, and my scarf.” pg 42, paragraph 7

  1. “Yet still she fired back, aimlessly, hopelessly, hit-and-miss.” pg. 36, paragraph 5
  2. “Amidst the shriek of bombs and boom of guns, the searing heat and choking smoke, she had no notion of night and day.”  pg. 37, paragraph 2
  3. “Long, orange tongues of flame were leaping out of the tenement opposite, licking the walls of the corner house, climbing swiftly upward, even as firemen nearby were unwinding their hoses.” pg. 41, paragraph 5
  4. “Not just factories, but offices, buildings, homes – the entire western bank, as far as the eye could see.”  pg. 42, paragraph 3
  5. “Only last week she had been giggling at a Chekhov story, learning a Pushkin poem, loving Chukovsky’s rhymes, skipping and playing hopscotch and tag.” pg. 55, paragraph 1

Week Two Assignment:

Choose one little word for the protagonist in your book.  Write a paragraph from his/her point of view just as you did for your one little word.

Tania is Loyal.  She always puts her friends and family before herself. She cares about herself and will protect herself when it is needed, except for when their are more people to protect otherwise. For example, if her house was on fire and every room was burning except for hers and she had the choice to get out of the house to save her self, or run into the other rooms and try to save her family with a high chance of dieing, she would try to save her family. You could say a lot of other things about her like the fact that she is brave, but I assume that a lot of people are going to be using those kinds of words, so I chose another one which is equally true.

Week Three Assignment:

Write three questions you have about this book. Using Google, search for the answers using the strategies we’re learning in class. Summarize your findings in your own words. Cite your sources.

1)    What made the author want to write this particular plot?

James Riordan visited and lived in Russia for several years. In 2006, he met Tania Chernova, whose real story was so interesting to Riordan that he made Tania Belova the protagonist of The Sniper. Vasily Zaitsev was a well-known sniper who killed a record 242 Nazis.  He recruited Tania to find and shoot German officers. At first, she had a hard time doing that. But when she discovered that her grandparents, along with many of her friends, had been murdered by invading Nazis, she promised to “break them like sticks.”


2)    When was James Riordan born and is he still alive?

James Riordan was born October 10th, 1936 and died February 10th, of 2012.


3)    Has Riordan written other books?

He wrote several novels, as well as folk-tale collections, and children’s stories.


Week Four Assignment:

Design a colorful WANTED poster for the antagonist in your story. Be sure to include the crimes the character is accused of committing (lying, cheating, bullying, stealing friends, etc.).

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